Types of materials used for bathroom designing

As against an HPL top, it is possible to include the imperfect resistance to scratches and the moderate resistance to heat (which in the bathroom is not a big problem). It is better resistant to impacts than a stoneware top which splinters more easily, but with some aggressive acid products it could be damaged.

The strength of Corian is that it can be thermoformed and molded in the most varied shapes and sizes . Being a monolithic and non-porous material, it does not allow dirt and mold to settle on the surface or to lurk in hidden corners. It resists wear and the passage of time well, always retaining its brilliance bathroom ideas in midland, tax.

The cons of a Corian top (but above all of a sink) are the yellowing of the bottom of the tub after using some products , the persistence of stains and the fairly high cost. The sanding phase is the most delicate process which, if done poorly, creates problems of hygiene, blackening of the sink over time, yellowing of the tub, persistence of stains and accumulation of bacteria.

Fenix ​​is ​​aesthetically similar to Corian, but with more colors and greater softness to the touch. Very suitable for doors, a little more fragile to use for tops and washbasins. It is easy to clean and antibacterial. Some of its colors are very beautiful and modern.

The resistance of Fenix ​​is ​​much higher than many of its “competitors”: the furniture lasts longer over time, without the need for radical maintenance. The surfaces are in fact thermally repairable from micro-scratches (at least so they say) and resistant to abrasions, bumps, scratches and dry heat.

In fact, Fenix ​​is ​​a very good material for vertical surfaces, a little less for horizontal surfaces, so there are better solutions. It is only available in opaque colors.

Simple lacquered and laminated

The lacquers allow a great versatility of use due to their infinitely customizable colors. In terms of resistance they do not shine for technical performance . They are subject to scrapes, chips, yellowing or color changes and do not have extreme water resistance, especially in joints or in situations subject to infiltration.

Glass is a super beautiful material for the bathroom. The surface is treated with a special anti-limescale and an antistatic which help to facilitate cleaning and maintain its shine for a long time. It is also temp and rato in order to increase the mechanical strength and thermal shock.