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Are there any important tips when you choose a wedding venue?

Organizing an event can give you a lot of pressure and decision-making but having the right venue and place is one of the biggest impacts on the event. Starting from the date of the event lineups, guests, and catering options will depend on the event venue and location that you have to choose. When you feel a little intimidated you don’t have to feel it. These are the guidelines to help you decide, think, and how to make it better.


The venue you have to be spacious and the palace have to be big enough to accommodate all the number of guests that you have. When you first saw the place it will look big but when you start to put up tables, chairs, and dance floor it can consume the space. You have to think about your guests moving around in the room while they are in the event.

Estimating the place can be unreliable because you have to consider putting up the materials for the event. You only have to secure the size by knowing the number of guests that will come to that date so you can get a good estimate of what kind of wedding event space you have to get. 


Talking, dancing, drinking, and eating are the main activities that people will do during the wedding reception. And when you are looking for the space for the event, you have to inspect by standing in a corner and trying to imagine where you have to put your table, dance floor, etc. but when the place cannot separate into sections it will look crowded during the event. With this, you have to look for the shape of the event venue when there are any blockages and the people cannot see what is happening in front. It will compromise the event and the flow of the program.


During the wedding event, it also needs to have privacy which means avoid people to wedding crash at your reception. When you are good with other people that can peek right at your wedding, you have to look for venues that you can rent for a few hours and check their security level. You have to schedule the event where there is no other event that is happening on the next wall.


Weddings have different color motifs, the color in the walls, ceilings, and decors in the venue have to match or they will ruin the color coordination. With the place, it doesn’t have to get the exact colors in your motifs but only hues at the event venue to complement it somehow. It is not about any visual interest but contrasting colors can be hurtful to the eyes. You can make a request to use color curtains on the wedding day. When your event is during morning and brunch you can use light pastel colors. But when you like classic weddings, the venue has to be in dark hues or neutrals.

There will be things you have to consider when planning for a wedding event venue. But when you take these considerations while you are looking for a venue, you will have a perfect venue for your wedding.