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Buying a Used Car: Dealers versus Private Sellers

You’ve decided to buy used cars in sacramento. What type of seller should you buy from? Find out here!

If you’re thinking about buying a used car, there are two ways of doing it: through a dealer or privately. A private seller can be someone with their own vehicle that they’re trying to get rid of, or someone who’s selling the car in order to buy something newer. Dealers are often found at dealerships where new cars are sold, and most people use dealerships because they offer warranties and other extras when purchasing their vehicles. Here is what you need to know so that you can choose the best option for your individual needs.

Pros and Cons of Private Sales

– There are many benefits to buying from private sellers. Often, used car dealers can offer warranties, extended warranty options and other extras like this, but will not sell with them for these reasons. If you’re wanting a new car, and want to save money on the price as well as get an extended warranty you won’t get with your dealer if you choose their sales method instead of their service method then this can be a good feature for you.

– The only flaw in the pros side of private sales is that by buying from someone who’s selling their vehicle themselves there’s no guarantee that it works correctly on the day its supposed to roll off the lot. This can be eliminated by using a mechanic to check out the vehicle before you buy it.

Pros and Cons of Dealer Sales

used cars in sacramento

– There are a wide range of pros to using a dealer when purchasing your used car. Dealers tend to check the history of used cars on the lot and make sure they run right, which is an excellent feature for someone who doesn’t want their car breaking down in the middle of nowhere after just purchasing it. They also have a warranty that covers most mechanical issues that may occur in the first 6 months or so after buying it, which makes for an awesome feature if you’re someone who doesn’t know how to fix cars themselves. The warranties also cover most minor problems such as a small dent along the side or a gear sticking in the gearbox temporarily. The last pro is the convenience of shopping at your dealer. If you’re thinking about buying and you can’t find what you want in your local area, then just go to their lot and have them find it for you.

On the other hand, there are also quite a few cons to using a dealer when purchasing your used car. First, let’s talk about warranties because that’s probably one of the main reasons that people use dealerships is for their warranties; however, with dealerships this is not always true. Many dealerships only give you a warranty for 12 months or so, sometimes not even that long. This means it may take you a while to save enough money to be able to afford a vehicle that’s comparable to what you want without having to put extra money into the car so that it can be repaired.