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The Ultimate Guide To Encrypted Messages That Self Destruct

If someone wanted to spy on you, they would be forced to break the encryption key and then try to decode the message using brute force or another tool. This process takes time and significant resources which makes it much harder for those trying to snoop without your knowledge. If you need something more secure, you can purchase a pre generated key from this website.

How to use Encrypted Messages That Self Destruct

In order to use encrypted messages that self-destruct, you will need a way to encrypt and decrypt the messages. You can either use an app that protects your private note messages, or you can create your own encryption tool. We will explain how to encrypt messages using an app below.

Apps That Protect Your Messages

There are a number of apps which allow you to encrypt and decrypt your messages. They include:

  1. Pirvnota- The app lets you encrypt your messages using a super secure public key encryption system. The app also has an offline mode so it can be used when there is no internet connection available.

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  1. Wickr- This app allows you to send secure files, videos, pictures and audio messages that are automatically deleted after a set amount of time. The app also works in group conversations so you don’t have to worry about sending sensitive information to the wrong person.
  1. Signal- This app automatically encrypts and decrypts your messages. It also has an open source code so you can rest assured that no one is snooping on your conversations.

How to Generate an Encrypted Message That Self Destructs

If you don’t have access to any of the apps listed above and you want to generate your own encrypted message, you can do that using this website.

This particular website generates a unique encryption key which is linked to your phone number. Your phone must be active to use the app which ensures that you can only receive messages from someone with your encryption key. Once you have generated the encryption key, simply use it in any of the apps listed above or create your own virtual keyboard. In order to decrypt messages, you will need to go back to this website and enter your phone number along with the code that was sent originally. Your messages will be deleted after a set amount of time so you don’t have to worry about having any of your communications compromised.